Katey Sagal Talks Sons Of Anarchy, New Album

sons of anarchy

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has already given a few hints about the show’s sixth season and now Katey Sagal is adding her two cents.

The actress didn’t reveal too much about the upcoming season of SOA but she did say that her character Gemma is in a “pretty good place.”

Sagal said that she’s only filmed six episodes so far so she really doesn’t know what’s going to happen. Even if she did, however, she wouldn’t be telling us.

The actress said: “We have some really interesting…. It’s so hard to talk about this show without giving things away. We have some interesting confrontations.”

Sagal said that her character, Gemma, starts season six in a pretty good place. The new season starts on September 10 and Segal will be relatively happy during the first episode.

Sagal said: “She starts out in a pretty good place. That’s all I really know. We’ve only done six. So I really don’t know what’s going to happen. At the beginning of the season she has her new boyfriend. She’s conflicted, but resigned, about what’s going on with Clay. She’s really done with that situation… She’s been with her grandchildren a lot. Things have settled. She’s in a good place.”

Katey Sagal must be playing it a little coy because Kurt Sutter had a slightly different opinion about season six. Sutter didn’t mention Gemma specifically but he did say that the first episode of season six would be “shocking.”

Here’s a video of Katey Sagal talking about the Sons of Anarchy.

Sagal may be busy with Sons of Anarchy at the moment but she’s also working on a new album. Sagal has released a few records over the years and plans on getting her new album out later this year.

Sagal said: “I’m actually making another record. I make them, like, one every 10 years, I put them out on my website. I sing on the soundtrack for Sons of Anarchy; every season I’ll sing a song.”