Evelyn Lozada Cries About Chad Johnson On ‘Basketball Wives’ Footage

Evelyn Lozada

Evelyn Lozada will once again turn on the tears over Chad Johnson for the opening episode of Basketball Wives Season 5.

In May, tiny 37-year-old Lozada said that she no longer concerned herself with ex-husband Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s drama.

Johnson attacked then-wife Evelyn Lozada in August 2012, leaving a bloody gash on her forehead. She left him, and he ended up on probation. He was briefly jailed in June after the judge decided that he’d been disrespectful when he gave his attorney a victory slap on the butt.

It might seem long past time to leave Johnson in the rear view mirror.

However, Lozada does have a new season of Basketball Wives to promote. And what’s more important, one’s mental health or one’s TV ratings?

So she’ll be back to cry over Chad Johnson some more.

People revealed this weekend that the first episode will feature Lozada and her mother Sylvia Ferrar dishing about what it was like for the reality star to lose her husband and her brother-in-law Anthony Ochoa in the same eventful week.

Ochoa passed away from cancer.

You can see the People clip on their site.

While we’re on the topic of Lozada’s sad story, here’s the 2012 ABC report on Evelyn Lozada’s first TV appearance to discuss the Chad Johnson head-butting incident.

Be warned. Some of the YouTube comments on that video are full of anger — and not necessarily against wife-beater Chad Johnson.

A number of people call Lozada a variety of cruel names. Some of the more printable are “fake” and “manipulative.”

I agree that at this stage of things she’s turning on the waterworks to make a buck. But much of the outcry against Lozada seems misogynistic. She was after all the victim of a vicious assault within weeks of being married.

The new season of VH1’s Basketball Wives premieres on August 18. So if you want to see more of Evelyn Lozada crying over Chad Johnson, be my guest.

[Chad Johnson photo by s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]