Killzone 3 special edition revealed, comes with free helmet

Killzone 3 ships on PS3 next February. It will make all of your dreams come true if your dreams include displaying a scaled-down replica of a Helghast helmet on your mantelpiece. Said helmet is just one of the goodies that comes with the Killzone 3 Helghast Edition, announced today. Yes, it’s another loopy special edition videogame.

Alongside the helmet, you’ll also get an exclusive art book, bonus video content, a Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure, and a copy of the game.

There’s also a a Killzone 3 “Super Voucher” that lets you download the game’s soundtrack, two multiplayer maps from Killzone 2, and double XP and every in-game weapon for your first 24 hours of multiplayer. None of which is as interesting as the helmet, but still quite nice.

And, at $129.99, this is actually a bargain as far as modern special editions of games go – it drags way behind Gran Turismo 5 ($200) and Halo: Reach ($150).

[Via PlayStation Blog]