Justin Bieber Is Very Excited About His New Music In Case This Video Doesn’t Make That Clear

Justin Bieber is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and hoofer. We mention this because, of late, none of these attributes or his new music have been of much interest to anyone but the 19-year-old, his team, and his fans.

Due to a string of actual and alleged incidents occurring on and off his Believe tour and a steady drip of critical — and, at times — inflated reporting, Bieber’s impetuous but harmless image has been replaced by suggestions that the singer is actually losing the plot.

Not surprisingly, Bieber, his manager Scooter Braun, and record label Def Jam are eager to get his music back on the agenda.

Following the singer’s reveal of artwork for his new single “Heartbreaker” back in June, Braun spoke to MTV about Justin’s upcoming output.

He said the pair were hoping “Heartbreaker” and “music journals” will silence criticisms which they describe as a “witch hunt,” adding, “You know he wants to show growth, but he wants to speak for himself.”

Bieber’s excitement for his new music is more than apparent clear in an Instagram recently posted by his friend and rapper Lil Za, currently traveling with the pop star for some of his tour dates.

The video appears to have been filmed after the tour’s Friday concert in Brooklyn and the group’s arrival in Washington D.C for a show on Saturday.

Lil Za captioned the clip : “jb dancing to his new s**t. Fresh off the jet.”

A lot is riding on the critical success of Bieber’s new music.

Failure to impress will be seen as confirmation of his inability to move beyond his tween/teen fan base, validate comments by Kid Rock and Sharon Osbourne writing off the singer as a spent force, and shore up recent criticisms of his artistry by The Associated Press.

A surprise tie-in last month when “Heartbreaker” was played in the launch ad of the singer’s third and latest fragrance The Key delighted fans, some of whom have appear to taken on promotional chores ahead of the single’s release.

Justin Bieber Fans Get Creative Over Heartbreaker

Fans Spreading The Word About “Heartbreaker”

Justin Bieber Fans Supporting The 'Heartbreaker' Single'

Since then, reports of Bieber playing the song in impromptu listening sessions for fans who trailed him around New York City during his run of shows last week and further teasers on his Instagram account have kept the hype high.

With strong support building throughout the blogosphere from his devoted Beliebers, it remains to be seen how well “Heartbreaker” and his new music are received when they arrive.

Bieber is scheduled to play Columbia, South Carolina’s Colonial Life Arena tonight before moving on to Florida.

Justin Bieber Instagram Dancing To New Music

[Images Of Fans Promoting ‘Heartbreaker’ via Twitter]