Billy Bob Thornton In Fargo For TV: Coen Brothers On Board For Script Input [Video]

Billy Bob Thornton is going to star in a TV follow-up of the movie Fargo.

The news was announced by John Landraf, boss of the 20th Century Fox TV subsidiary, FX network. Landraf said that Thornton had signed on for a limited series of 10 episodes which would premiere on FX next spring.

Largo, the movie, was created by Joel and Ethan Coen and released in 1996: it fitted into the genre of crime comedy-drama. Thornton’s character will be that of a rootless drifter who makes a living as a con artist. Surprisingly, no other characters are being carried forward from the film, not even Frances McDormand, despite her winning a best-actress Oscar for her role.

However, Landgraf insists that the series will remain,”remarkably true to the film.” The Coen brothers will be part of the production team in the role of script advisers. As yet, there is no information regarding other potential members of the cast.

Billy Bob Thornton is a widely acclaimed and accomplished actor, but the Oscar he received in 1996 was actually as a writer for the movie Sling Blade, in which he also starred. He can currently be seen in the movie Jayne Mansfield’s Car, which he also directed.

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