Anthony Weiner Is Not Sexting At This Very Moment, Says Weiner

As I write this article, we can all rest assured that Anthony Weiner’s penis is not being transmitted through a Cisco server to some poor soul on the receiving end of an iPhone. Actually, we can’t be sure that his penis isn’t making its way to a new corner of the internet, but Weiner claims that he is “one hundred percent not” having any type of online relationship.

Speaking to NBC New York, Anthony Weiner said he is not sending lewd messages or pictures at this very moment in time. Weiner claims he has not sent any sext messages in about a year.

According to Weiner, he just wants the entire fiasco to be over. While he understands that people know “embarrassing” things about him, he also says it’s time to change the conversation back to politics.

Anthony Wiener is attempting to win the New York Mayorship from Michael Bloomberg, but his primary hopes seem to be faltering ahead of his September 10 primary. In recent days, the realization that Weiner sexted various women has caused his poll numbers to plummet. Weiner admitted to sexting at least three women after he was forced out of Congress in 2011.

We may never know what those messages entailed after Weiner admitted to deleting all evidence of his transgressions.

In his closing remarks, Weiner said reports about former secretary of state Hillary Clinton being angry with him are false. Weiner says he has not recently spoken to any of Clinton family members.

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