Cross Of Jesus Found? Experts Have Some Doubts

Has the cross of Jesus been found? An archeologist in Turkey believes that she has uncovered a piece of the ancient relic but experts are skeptical about the claim.

The Inquisitr reported earlier today that archeologist Gulgun Koroglu and her team uncovered a stone chest at the Balatlar Church in Turkey. Koroglu, a professor at Turkey’s Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, said that the chest belonged to a religious person of some importance. Koroglu didn’t elaborate on how the stone chest was linked to Jesus’ crucifixion but she did say that it was the most important find during the excavation of the Balatlar Church.

Koroglu said: “This stone chest is very important to us. It has a history and is the most important artifact we have unearthed so far… We have found a holy thing in the chest. It is a piece of a cross.”

The cross, as well as the chest, have been sent to a lab for further testing.

The lab tests may be able to link the cross to Jesus crucifixion but experts warn that religious believes should not hold their breath. The main criticism against the claim is that Jesus cross has been found before. Several times.


John Calvin, a famed theologian from the 16th century, once said that if all of the pieces that reportedly came from Jesus’ cross were brought together there would be enough material to fill a ship. And that was in the 16th century.

The Christian Post has another reason to be skeptical of the claim. The CP reports that St. Helen, the mother of Emperor Constantine, claimed to have the cross of Jesus sometime between 306-307 AD. She reportedly split the cross into pieces and sent it to church leaders in Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem, a 4th century theologian, claimed that St. Helen sent out so many pieces that the entire world “had been filed with with pieces of the wood of the cross.”

Do you think the cross of Jesus has been found? You can read more about the archeologists’ claim here.