GOP Food Stamp Cut: $4 Billion Annually

A GOP food stamp cut would reduce current funding by $4 billion. The legislation, backed by House Majority Leader Eric Canror, would reduce the current program by five percent.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, is the official name of the food stamp program. Most states have stopped using the actual paper stamps.

In most cases, stamps have been replaced with debit cards, which are reloaded with funds each month. The cards cannot be used to get cash, and purchased food must fall under specific guidelines.

Program participants often argue that the monthly allotment is barely enough to feed a family. Things may get a lot worse, as the GOP food stamp cut would reduce the monthly allotment.

As reported by Fox News, funding for the SNAP program has doubled in the last five years. House Republicans want to reduce the increased spending by cutting the program by five percent, which would be around $4 billion each year.

Marlin Stuzman and Kristi Noem, who helped design the bill, have suggested several new restrictions and requirements along with the cuts. They explain that the new requirements would help reduce the number of people receiving assistance.

The new legislation will likely require participants to seek employment and submit to drug testing. They have also suggested banning convicted murderers, rapists, and pedophiles, from receiving assistance.

As reported by San Francisco Gate, Many House Republicans are in support of the bill. However, it will not pass without votes from House Democrats. Additionally, some moderate Republicans have expressed disapproval of the bill.

President Obama has made it clear that he agrees with the House Democrats’ opposition to the bill. As millions of Americans continue to struggle from the recession, Obama is concerned that people would literally go hungry.

The GOP food stamp cut may not have the backing it will need to become law. However, it is strongly supported by many House Republicans.

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