Fox Sitcom ‘Dads’ Blasted Ahead Of Debut, Called Sexist And Crass

Fox Sitcom Dads Draws Controversy

The new Fox sitcom Dads won’t debut until next month, but it’s already being panned. Critics are calling the new show sexist, full of racial stereotypes, and generally crass.

The shows creators met with reporters on Thursday where they defended the sitcom. According to its producers and stars, the show will be refined as the season unfolds. While the show focuses on human frailties to get laughs, its producers say rushing to judgement will leave users missing a great opportunity to watch a funny new show.

Co-creator Alec Sulkin revealed during the Television Critics Association session:

“In the pilot (episode) we all noticed some things we’d like to change or tweak moving forward.”

Sulkin then admits that the show may have “missed the mark a few times” during the pilot.

Speaking about the show’s progress as the season moves forward, executive producer Mike Scully explains:

“The first six episodes, you’re improving your pilot. I think you’re going to notice a change in the tone and balance.”

The show is supported by executive producer Seth MacFarlane, who wasn’t on hand for the shows panel. McFarlane is credited with creating The Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, and American Dad. MacFarlane also created last years smash hit Ted, which starred Mark Wahlberg.

Here’s a basic synopsis for the film from Yahoo TV:

“Dads centers on two friends, played by Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi, whose politically incorrect fathers re-enter their lives and disrupt them. The raucous, loose-lipped dads are played by Martin Mull and Peter Riegert.”

Dads premieres on September 17. While the show is drawing a lot of controversy, it is that talk that could help the show succeed. On the other hand, consumers are fickle, and a confusing or muddled pilot could turn users away before the show has time to win them over.

Will you be watching the premiere of Dads?