August 1, 2013
Woman Falls To Death After 17th Floor Railing Gives Way

A 35-year-old woman fell to her death from a 17th floor balcony in New York City.

According to Fox News, the woman, who has been identified as Jennifer Rosoff, went on the balcony outside of her 17th floor apartment at 400 East 57th have a cigarette at about 12:50 am this morning.

Rosoff was leaning on the railing when it gave way. The 35-year-old woman fell off the balcony and landed on a construction scaffolding on the first floor outside of the building. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

A friend of Rosoff's said: "I hate in situations like this when people want to bury saints, but she was a great person."

NBC reports that Rosoff was with her date at the time of the accident. Police have spoken to the man and have cleared him of any wrongdoing.

A photo of the railing outside of the 17th story corner balcony shows the top metal bar bent into a V-shape. Bulding officials are now examining the railing to determine if any of the other balconies pose a threat to people in the building.

The New York Times reports that the Buildings Department put a notice outside of the building today prohibiting anyone from using the balconies. The note said that the balconies were "imminently perilous to life."