August 1, 2013
Apple's iPad Mini Retina Displays Being Manufactured By Samsung

While Apple and Samsung may hate each other, that has not stopped them from working together. Samsung is rumored to be building Apple iPad Retina displays for the company's upcoming upgrade.

The Google Nexus 7, which was released earlier this year, boasts a Retina-type setup with a 323ppi 7-inch display. With Google challenging the visual output of the original iPad mini devices, Apple has come under fire to quickly release a mini tablet upgrade in 2013. Without Samsung, the company may have been forced to push back the iPad mini until 2014.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new device will "likely" arrive before the end of the holiday shopping season in 2013.

In an attempt to source a massive number of Retina displays, Apple is also said to be sourcing displays from LG and Sharp. The Samsung report arrives after it was suggested that Apple has decided to drop AU Optronics as its supplier of Retina displays for its next-generation iPad Mini tablets. AU and LG currently supply Apple iPad Mini displays.

The WSJ report also suggests that Apple may offer multicolored rear panels for the next iPad mini. If Apple moves in that direction, it would match the company's multi-colored setup for current anodized aluminum iPod Touch line.

While the Google Nexus 7 is currently leading the high-end display charge for the mini-tablet market, the device is limited to a stark black enclosure that is made with cheaper plastics.

Apple could use a big win after its 2012 launch of the iPad mini was praised for its familiar OS but mocked by some critics because of its IPS display.

Apple, despite some negative feedback, has managed to lead the iPad Mini towards 60 percent of the company's total iPad sales.

The tech giant continues to sell an impressive number of iPad devices, but its market share has taken a hit as more Google Android and Windows 8 tablets have emerged.

Are you more likely to buy an Apple iPad Mini with Retina display capabilities? Are you surprised that Samsung and Apple continue to work together?