Amelia Earhart To Fly Around The World

Amelia Earhart is preparing to fly around the world. And no, that sentence isn’t from 1937,

Amelia Rose Earhart, a 30-year-old TV weather anchor in Colorado who was named after the famous pilot, will embark on an around-the-world journey starting in June of 2014.

The trip will begin in Oakland California, will include 14 stops, and will take about two weeks. Market Wired reports that Earhart and her co-pilot Patrick Carter will by flying a Pilatus PC-12 NG single-engine aircraft.

Earhart writes on her website: “In the Summer of 2014, myself and co-pilot Patrick Carter will recreate and symbolically complete the flight of my namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. In 1937, she began a flight around the globe and disappeared over the South Pacific, becoming one of history’s greatest mysteries. Over 75 years after her disappearance, Amelia continues to inspire adventure and flight through her bold courage and desire to open doors for women in aviation.”

When Earhart, a distant relative of the famous aviator, completes her global journey she will be the youngest woman to fly around the world in a single-engine aircraft.

Earhart said: “My passion for flight and adventure has driven me to explore new experiences I never would have imagined possible as a child… Hard work, persistence and great role models have enabled me to fly outside the lines and achieve my dreams. Aviation plays an integral role in my life and I hope to share some of that joy with others through this adventure.”

In addition to being a weather anchor, Amelia is also the founder of the Fly With Amelia Foundation. The group provides flight scholarships to young woman and as well as flight safety classes.

[Image Via Facebook]