Rubik’s Cube Solved In 7.36 Seconds At 2013 World Championship [Video]

A new world champion was crowned at the Rubik’s Cube world championship in Las Vegas over the weekend after the winner solved the puzzle in 7.36 seconds.

Feliks Zemdegs, who hails from Australia, was crowned the champion of the competition after he averaged a time of 8.18 seconds for solving the classic 3×3 cube. Out of the five attempts, his quickest effort saw him complete the puzzle in just 7.36 seconds. You can see his effort above.

Over 570 people entered the event, which was held at the Riviera Hotel and Casino and lasted for three days and consisted of 17 different activities, one of which included solving a huge 7X7 Rubik’s Cube whilst blindfolded.

Zemdegs, who is just 17-years-old, finished above the Netherlands’ Mats Valk, who ended up in second place. However despite his best work with the cube, he didn’t manage to come anywhere near the Dutch maestro’s world record of 5.55 seconds, which he set in March.

He still went home with with $3,000, a trophy, and a selection of Rubik’s Cube prizes though.

The full list of events at the competition included the Rubik’s Cube, 4×4 Cube, 5×5 Cube, and 2×2 Cube, which were won by Feliks Zemdegs, Kevin HAys, and Cameron Stollery respectively.

There was also the 3×3 blindfolded, which Marcell Endrey won with a time of 29.93 seconds, 3×3 one-handed, 3×3 fewest moves, which America’s Steven Xu claimed in just 25 moves, and 3×3 with feet, an event that Poland’s Jakub Kipa finished top with a national record of just 33.60 seconds.

Other events included the Megamix, Pyraminx, Square-1, Rubik’s Clock, 6×6 Cube, 7×7 Cube, 4×4 blindfolded, 5×5 blindfolded, and 3×3 multi blind. Hungary’s Marcell Endrey managed to win each of the blindfolded events, setting a new world record in the 5×5 event.

What’s your record time completing a Rubik’s Cube?

[Image via Marijus Auruskevicius/Shutterstock]