Johnny Manziel: Parents Demand He Get Anger Management, Alcohol Counseling

Johnny Manziel has his parents worried.

The star quarterback at Texas A&M and Heisman Trophy winner has gotten himself into trouble in the past year, with arrests and reports of out-of-control drinking and partying.

In a lengthy article published in ESPN The Magazine, the family of Johnny Manziel said they are afraid the sudden rise of their son may prevent him from maturing the way he needs to. His parents ordered him to go to an alcohol counselor and get treatment for his anger issues.

After a spate of bad incidents this summer, it appeared Johnny Manziel had turned a corner. Appearing at the Southeastern Conference Media Days, the quarterback vowed to stay on the straight and narrow and put his wild ways behind him.

But he also tried to put his misbehavior in perspective.

“I don’t feel like I’ve done anything that’s catastrophic,” Manziel said. “Of course, I’ve made my mistakes. It’s time to grow up.”

The statements came after a series of bad behavior for the Heisman winner. In June of last year he was questioned by police after a bar brawl and then arrested for giving a fake Louisiana driver’s license.

Manziel pleaded guilty to a count of failing to identify himself to police officers and was sentenced to a $2,000 fine and two days in jail, time he had already served.

Earlier this month Johnny Manziel got in more trouble after being dismissed from the Manning Passing Academy for missing meetings and practices. He cited dehydration and illness, but sources say the Texas A&M quarterback was really expelled for excessive partying.

“The speculation of me being too hung over and that’s the reason I missed the meetings is absolutely incorrect,” Manziel said at the SEC meeting.

Last week video showed Manziel being forcefully removed from a frat party at the University of Texas, A&M’s chief rival.

The parents of Johnny Manziel said they hope getting help now will help him get onto the right path before it’s too late.