Rand Paul Refers To Chris Christie As ‘King Of Bacon’ [Video]

Republicans Rand Paul and Chris Christie continue to ramp up their feud this week. Senator Paul referred to New Jersey Governor Christie as the “king of bacon” when it comes to “pork” spending in an interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Tuesday.

This was a response to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who made another jab at Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) on Tuesday. In a public speech Christie rejected Paul’s claim that relief spending on New Jersey following Hurricane Sandy was wasteful “pork-barrel” spending.

Christie says that Paul is also a hypocrite for criticizing federal relief funds, Business Insider reports. For every dollar sent to Washington from Kentucky, the state is given $1.51 back, he said. New Jersey, by comparison, only gets 61 cents back.

Senator Rand Paul says Kentucky is home to two military bases. This is why his state gets so much back, he explains. However, New Jersey has eight bases.

Senator Paul “should start cutting the pork-barrel spending that he brings home to Kentucky” before trying to cut spending in New Jersey, Governor Christie said on Tuesday, reports CNN.

Wolf Blitzer asked Paul to respond to this claim in an interview later Tuesday. The Republican senator seemed to disagree with Christie’s suggestion. “This is the king of bacon talking about bacon,” Rand said.

National defense is a high priority for the US government Paul says, and for that “you have to be willing to cut spending in other places.” Christie and others have “been a part of this ‘gimmie gimmie gimmie’” attitude, the senator added.

This is the latest row between Senator Paul and Governor Christie. Last week the New Jersey governor openly attacked Paul’s views on foreign policy as “dangerous.” Republican Representative Steve King has also joined Christie in openly criticizing Paul and other libertarians within the GOP.

Watch a clip from Tuesday’s interview with Senator Rand Paul on CNN below:

[Image via Medill DC via photopin cc]