Katy Perry Still Wants To Be In ‘Blade Runner 2’

Katy Perry wants you to know that she still wants a role in Blade Runner 2.

It’s no secret that the pop star wants to play Rachel in Prometheus director Ridley Scott’s proposed sequel. Although the idea of the Perry starring in the follow-up to one of the greatest sci-fi movies ever created is laughable, apparently she’s pretty serious about the idea.

To make sure that everyone knows she’s still very much interested in landing a part in Blade Runner 2, Katy Perry mentioned the project while promoting The Smurfs 2. According to the singer, she’s just waiting for Scott to say the word.

“With films, I hope to win you all over with animation and then do other films. I am really interested in comedy, and I would really love to play Rachael in Blade Runner 2, if [director] Ridley [Scott] would just call,” she explained to Metro.

The singer first expressed interest in tackling the role of Rachel in the Blade Runner sequel in 2012. She told Next Movie that she wouldn’t mind playing the character if the follow-up ever gets off the ground.

“I guess, if there was going to be a Blade Runner 2, that I would maybe want to be Rachael. But I know that is saying too much. But that’s a dream, and I have lots of ’em,” Katy Perry told the website.

If you think her involvement in the sequel is a good idea, then you need to watch the video for The One That Got Away. You might change your mind afterwards.

Although there isn’t much information about Blade Runner 2 making the rounds at the moment, the project is still moving forward. At last check, Fantastic Four and Green Lantern scribe Michael Green will handle scripting duties on the project.

Are you a fan of Katy Perry? Do you think she should play Rachel in Blade Runner 2?

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]