Justin Bieber’s Bus Searched By US Border Agents, Marijuana Discovered

Justin Bieber’s bus was searched by US Border Agents on Tuesday morning, and marijuana was discovered inside the vehicle.

Bieber was preparing to head from Windsor, Ontario to Detroit, Michigan when border patrol agents began searching the bus. The agents quickly discovered the Baby singers pot stash inside his touring vehicle.

Bieber wasn’t riding in the bus at the time of the discovery and was allowed to continue onwards to his performance at Joe Louis Arena.

In the meantime, Bieber’s bus driver was cited for marijuana possession and was allowed to carry on his way.

All passengers on the tour bus escaped arrest and were allowed to continue into America.

Bieber has been no stranger to controversy in recent months. The 19-year-old singer was recently caught peeing into a restaurant bucket while swearing at Bill Clinton, and he abandoned his pet monkey in Europe.

After appearing high out of his mind on Instagram video, I can’t say this recent pot bust comes as much of a surprise. I’m also not surprised that Justin Bieber threw someone else under the bus for his indiscretions. Pun totally intended.

The bus was stopped while attempting to cross over the Ambassador Bridge, and the agents who searched the bus were members of the US Customs and Border Protection agency. A dog from the agency found the marijuana and various pieces of drug paraphernalia.

Following the Justin Bieber bus bust, the singer tweeted:

You may recall that Justin Bieber’s bus was raided in April when Swedish police officers recognized the strong smell of marijuana coming from inside the vehicle.

Do you think Justin Bieber is going to continue acting like a spoiled rich pop singer if he continues to get away with illegal and despicable activities?