‘Take Down Flag,’ Homeowners Association Tells US Veteran

A “take down flag” order has been given to decorated US veteran Jim Lowe of Atlanta, but this is one directive the former Marine has no intention of following, according to a recent report from Fox 5 Atlanta.

Lowe, a resident of Atlanta’s Sun City Community, flies two flags in front of his home — at least, that’s how his Homeowners Association sees it. To Lowe, there is only one flag — the Stars and Stripes — while the other fabric is a different entity referred to as the Marine Corps Colors.

“I don’t consider it a flag,” he said. “Most people don’t. You talk to any Marine. Those are the colors. That [the American flag] is the flag.”

Sun City community policy dictates that only one flag may be flown per household, but they didn’t count on Lowe’s eye for detail. But that eye for detail could end up costing the US vet if he doesn’t comply with the “take down flag” order.

Just how much could it cost him? Lowe revealed to Fox 5 Atlanta that management has threatened a $25 per day fine until one of the flags comes down. If Lowe ignores the order and continues to banner-yet-wave, the community will eye additional legal action, including putting a lien on his home.

Lowe has sent a letter to Sun City’s community management asking for a repeal of the violation notice, but hasn’t received a response, nor has management issued any statements to the press.

Here’s the full report from Fox 5 Atlanta:

It’s easy to see how Jim Lowe’s plight could rally support. After all, a sizable segment of the nation, particularly in Georgia where Lowe lives, take their US flag and military devotion seriously.

(Just ask Lil Wayne.)

President Obama even got a little taste of backlash when he incorporated the flag into his campaign logo last election season.

Needless to say, if a rapper and a President are going to face flag wrath, Sun Community management isn’t safe either, especially when they’re handing out fines and orders to a veteran.

What’s your take? Is Jim Lowe being cranky or disruptive in his refusal of the “take down flag” order, or should he have every right to fly the colors/flag he fought and risked his life for?

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