Bob Filner To San Diego: Do Me A Solid, Pay My Legal Fees

San Diego’s controversial and scandal-ridden mayor Bob Filner has asked his city to cover his legal fees in the sexual harassment lawsuit leveled against him.

Filner’s request was revealed in an agenda released by the city council this week. The council will convene in a closed session Tuesday night to discuss whether or not San Diego taxpayers will front the cost for their mayor’s defense.

The mayor has been facing several sexual harassment allegations and at least one lawsuit by former employee Irene McCormack Jackson. She is represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred. For that reason alone, San Diego is probably better off not throwing their money away.

Jackson went public last week with allegations that Filner often cornered her, asked for kisses, propositioned her for sex, and regularly made crude comments and suggestions (like asking her if she’d be more comfortable working “without panties”).

She has called her experience working for Filner “the worst time of my entire working life.”

A total of seven women have made similar allegations against him.

For his own part, Filner has been all over the map with his defense. He has apologized for “offending” women and for creating a workplace environment of “intimidation” for his female employees. But he denies the sexual harassment allegations, Buuuuut he’s seeking intensive therapy to “begin the process of addressing [his] behavior.”

Filner is also not stepping down, despite pleas from many in his own party (including DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz). He has asked the city of San Diego to stick with him and his “vision” for the city, which also apparently includes fronting his legal fees now.

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