Kat Dahlia DUI: Singer Arrested In Miami Beach

Kat Dahlia was arrested early Tuesday morning for a DUI.

According to Billboard, the singer has been charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest. She is currently being held on $2000 bail.

Kat Dahlia, real name Katriana Huguet, was pulled over early on Tuesday morning after an officer allegedly spotter her driving without her headlights on. The officer also said that Huguet was speeding.

After she was pulled over, the officer noticed the strong smell of alcohol. Huguet was also reportedly slurring her speech. The officer asked Huguet to take a sobriety test but the singer refused.

The Canadian Press reports that Kat Dahlia was not cooperative during the incident. The singer reportedly cursed at the officer and refused to put her hands behind her back. In addition to the DUI, Dahlia was also charged with resisting arrest. The officer did note, however, that Dahlia never became violent.

Dahlia was then placed under arrest, but allegedly resisted by refusing to put her hands behind her back. The officer had to force Dahlia’s hands in order to cuff her.

Are you surprised that Kat Dahlia was arrested? I mean, she is a gangsta…