Wendy’s Employee Defended By Teens Replies With Sweet Freebie

Two teens who stuck up for a Wendy’s employee being berated by a customer were surprised that their kindness was rewarded — and one of the two posted on Reddit about the uplifting note (and treat) the pair received from the beleaguered fast food worker.

Sure, the story of the Wendy’s employee and the teen girls who defended her isn’t hard-hitting news, but it is a nice departure from the daily deluge of stories about people being jerks to one another and generally dissatisfied with human interaction.

One of the girls involved in the Wendy’s employee note incident was Kailee Whiting, 19, of New Jersey. Whiting took to Reddit to share the cute experience, and in a post titled “Stood up for an innocent employee at Wendy’s who was being bullied by a customer. She gave us free frosties and chicken nuggets,” she explains:

“A woman in front of my girlfriend and I started yelling at the innocent eighteen year old girl who was having an issue with her cash register. The girl stood there as the woman complained and complained about the lack of service and how awful the girl was at her job”

Under the username butchplease, she continues:

“I butted in telling her that, ‘she’s just doing her job and if you took the stick out of your ass and spent one day in either a food service job or retail you would understand the difficulties,’ she proceeded to shove her hand in my face and yell, ‘SHUT UP. YOU SHUT UP NOW.’ “

Whiting concludes:

“I did quiet down after laughing at her and her immaturity and the girl behind the counter ended up giving me a free pack of chicken nuggets. After about twenty minutes of eating the cashier came out with the tray and Frosties.

“Wendy’s is now my favorite fast food place.”

In the note from the Wendy’s employee pictured above, the unnamed cashier writes, “you guys are awesome. (I hope you like vanilla!)”

While the story didn’t end there, it still ended on a positive note. Yahoo Shine learned that not content to have precipitated the whole situation, the disgruntled customer actually later called the Wendy’s involved.

To complain that the cashier was giving out free Frosties!

But the Wendy’s employee who rewarded the teens wasn’t sanctioned, and the manager approved of her actions.