‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Comic-Con Footage Leaked Online [Video]

Footage from ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ panel at this year’s Comic-Con has leaked online.

Unless you were in attendance at the convention earlier this month, chances are you didn’t get to see all of the nifty things Sony Pictures’ presented during the panel. However, you can check out everything you missed by taking a look at the video embedded below.

Keep in mind that this clip may not stick around forever. Since studios don’t like unauthorized videos making the rounds online, the footage from director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 could unexpectedly disappear in a matter of minutes. In other words, enjoy it while you can.

The trailer, which begins at around the 4:20 mark, shows a number of set pieces that have been teased on the filmmaker’s Twitter feed. This includes Spider-Man’s oddly hilarious encounter with Rhino (Paul Giamatti). Fans can also get a look at Jamie Foxx as Max Dillon.

The clip also briefly showcases Dillon’s transformation into the villainous Electro. This apparently involves an accidental electrocution and a tank full of electric eels. That’s definitely one of the hardest ways a person can get superpowers.

The clip also features a few moments with Emma Stone, Sally Field, and Dane DeHaan. Since the footage appears to have been captured by a sneaky attendee in the audience, you may have to squint to see the details. However, it’s currently the only way to enjoy the trailer at the moment.

Here’s how Sony describes The Amazing Spider-Man 2:

For Peter Parker, life is busy — between taking out the bad guys as Spider-Man and spending time with the person he loves, Gwen, high school graduation can’t come quickly enough. Peter hasn’t forgotten about the promise he made to Gwen’s father to protect her by staying away — but that’s a promise he just can’t keep. Things will change for Peter when a new villain, Electro, emerges, an old friend, Harry Osborn, returns, and Peter uncovers new clues about his past.

Check out the footage from this year’s Comic-Con:

Are you looking forward to director Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2?

[Top Image via Sony Pictures]