Rush Limbaugh Addresses Cumulus Rumors, Says ‘Nothing Will Change’

Rush Limbaugh recently addressed rumors that he has been dropped by Cumulus.

Although reports suggest that the conservative talk show host has been ditched by the radio network, Limbaugh insists that nothing is going to change. However, the talker said he cannot reveal any of the specifics regarding his current relationship with Cumulus.

“Someday I am looking so forward to being able to detail all of this for you, but suffice to say nothing is gonna happen that you will notice. Nothing is going to change,” he explained to his listeners on Monday.

Limbaugh continued, “You are gonna be able to get this radio program on as many, if not more, radio stations down the road than it’s on now, and what you’re being treated to is just a public business negotiation.”

Should the folks at Cumulus decide to drop Rush Limbaugh, there’s a very strong possibility that he could get picked up by Clear Channel. Since the company would carry the talk show in the same markets, listeners would still be able to tune in.

While reports suggest that the problem between Cumulus and the Clear Channel-owned Premiere Networks comes down to money, some believe it was Limbaugh’s remarks about Sandra Fluke that caused the rift. People began boycotting the show after Limbaugh called the activist a “slut.”

Several news organizations have reached out for comments from both parties. However, neither Culumus nor Premiere have officially weighed in on the matter as of this writing.

Rush Limbaugh isn’t the only conservative talk show host who might be getting axed. Reports suggest that Sean Hannity is getting dropped from Cumulus as well. It’s believed that Hannity is getting the boot due to the cost of distributing his program.

Cumulus is the second-largest radio network in the United States. The company owns around 40 stations all across the country. Representatives for the network have yet to comment on the Hannity situation at the moment.

What do you think about Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity getting dropped by Cumulus? Do you agree that “nothing will change” if the network follows through with the plan?

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