Rush Limbaugh vs Cumulus: Is Limbaugh’s Career Over?

Rush Limbaugh and Cumulus Media are entangled in a messy breakup, with some predicting Rush Limbaugh’s career is over.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rush Limbaugh was dropped by Cumulus Media.

Cumulus Media is the second-biggest broadcaster in the United States and they decided to not renew the expiring contracts for both Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Rush Limbaugh became the target of a boycott after calling Sandra Fluke a “slut” and Cumulus complained that Rush Limbaugh’s actions were costing them millions in ad revenue.

But other reports claim Rush Limbaugh is dropping Cumulus Media to go to rival WOR, which is owned by Clear Channel. One expect declared Rush Limbaugh’s actions are not unexpected, saying, “Cumulus prefers to use its own talent, and Clear Channel is happy to bring Premiere talent in-house.” Sean Hannity is reportedly following Rush Limbaugh in making the switch.

To put the effects of the Rush Limbaugh boycott in perspective, his income dropped from $69 million in 2012 down to $66 million. But progressive media outlets like Salon are already declaring “Rush Limbaugh is finished.” They point out the Rush Limbaugh show will suddenly become unavailable in 40 cities due to 40 cities and his powers of persuasion over the nation have been declining since the Clinton administration.

At the same time, Clear Channel owns digital radio app iHeartRadio, so it should still be possible for Rush Limbaugh fans to listen in. Local WOR radio stations will also pick up what Cumulus dropped.

Conservative commentators also claim that calling Rush Limbaugh’s career over due to Cumulus is “a show of desperation” by progressive groups. Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are described as having an upper hand in the negotiations:

“[Lew and Cumulus COO John Dickey] have pocketed millions while cannibalizing what were wonderful radio stations built over decades by the hard work of others, and wiping out staff, while blaming others for the company’s poor performance. Give the Dickeys this much: they know how to ring that Pavlovian bell and stoke liberal bloggers. But the day will come when propaganda — such as repeatedly ringing the Sandra Fluke bell for gullible journalists or left-wing activists responding like so many of Pavlov’s dogs — won’t fly.”

Do you think Rush Limbaugh’s career is over?

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