Samet Island Oil Spill In Thailand Begins Cleanup [Video]

The Samet Island oil spoil is being cleaned up.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, an oil rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico recently. Halliburton also pleaded guilty to destroying oil spill evidence.

The Samet Island oil spill was caused by a leak from a nearby oil pipeline owned by PTT Global Chemical. PTT Global Chemical is estimating the Samet Island oil spoil is about 50 tons. The leak began during a crude oil transfer between a tanker and the pipeline. The majority of the oil leak is said to be contained by booms.

Despite efforts to prevent the oil from reaching the pristine beaches of Samet Island, the famous vacation spot is now marred by inky globs of oil. Witnesses say “black waves started rolling in” last night and now the sand is black.

Deputy Governor Supeepat Chongpanish says the Samet Island oil spill will be cleaned up as quickly as possible:

“The top priorities right now are to get rid of the oil on the sand and the seawater, and to make sure the spill doesn’t spread to other shores. This is a very beautiful, white, sandy beach, so we want to make the spill go away as soon as possible.”

The Samet Island oil spill is said to have an “impact on the environment” but so far authorities haven’t discovered any animal deaths, even including marine animals. Even so, Greenpeace is already calling for environmental impact studies on Samet Island.

300 workers are busily cleaning the Samet Island oil spill and they expect it to be completed within three days. The most heavily effected area is Prao Bay, which happens to be on the western side of Samet Island while the majority of the hotels and resorts are on the east side.