Tara Reid: Sharknado Sequel Rumors Aren’t True

It didn’t seem like Tara Reid’s star could fall any lower after she appeared in the sci-fi epic Sharknado. But then a rumor started circulating that Reid wasn’t going to be invited back for the inevitable sequel.

Yep, that’s right. Tara Reid isn’t good enough for a sci-fi sequel based on a tornado that throws sharks at people.

The actress, however, says that the rumors aren’t true and that she hasn’t been cut from the cast. In fact, Reid says that the decision is hers and that she doesn’t plan on committing until she reads the script.

Seriously? The script? There is no way that the script for the Sharknado sequel could be any worse than the original. So let’s not pretend that “artistic integrity” is playing into this decision at all.

Tara Reid may have not been cut from the Sharknado sequel but it’s doubtful that the script is the only thing holding her back from committing to a new movie. Tara is probably waiting to see if, you know, she can land a job that doesn’t involve flying sharks before committing to the sequel.

The Asylum, the studio that created Sharknado, also denied the rumor saying that they would love to have Tara Reid back for the sequel.