Ariel Castro’s Son: He Belongs In Prison [Video]

Ariel Castro’s son is glad that his father will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Castro pleaded guilty to over 900 charges related to the Cleveland kidnappings, and will face life in prison without the possibility of parole plus 1,000 years. Castro’s son, Anthony, called this the “best possible sentence” for a man who has never valued human life.

“I think that if he really can’t control his impulses and he really doesn’t have any value for human life, the way this case has shown, then behind bars is where he belongs for the rest of his life,” he said in an interview on the TODAY show.

Anthony also said that he’s not likely to visit his father in prison, either.

“He’s been lying to his family for the past 10, 11 years at every possible turn. I have no trust in him. I can’t see myself going to visit him and giving him the opportunity to face me and lie to me again,” he said before adding: “I have nothing to say to him.”

Anthony lived with his mother after his parents divorced, but recalled frequent abuse and even imprisonment when they were together. He said that locks on the doors and windows being nailed shut were common, and that he would often cry himself to sleep after being physically abused by Ariel. He also witnessed Ariel beat his mother time after time.

He described their home as one “with a lot of fear and violence,” but said Ariel “wasn’t a monster 24/7.” Still, “if you crossed him, there would be consequences and those, more often than not, would be physical consequences.”

You can watch video of Anthony Castro on TODAY below, and let us know what you think in the comments:

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