Carissa Yip Not Unique, Other 9-Year-Old Chess Players Achieved More

Carissa Yip is a chess expert, and she’s only 9 years old. This puts her in the top 7 percent of the over 51,000 players who belong to the US Chess Federation. Her achievement has received great publicity, but, without wishing to detract from her success, she is not unique.

The prime emphasis of the story has been about her age. Somehow, the media have overlooked the fact other 9-year-olds have achieved even high ratings levels, giving them the status of “master”.

In 2010, Samuel Sevian earned a rating of 2,201 after he defeated another master in a game in San Francisco. To qualify for the title “master,” it is necessary to reach 2,200. Samuel was 9 years old at the time. In January 2010, he became the highest rated chess player in the world for his age.

But he, also, is not unique.

In March this year, Awonder Liang from Madison Wis. was reported as having become the “youngest chess master in US History.” He was nine years old!

So, it seems that, in every year since 2010, America has produced the “youngest chess champion ever.” Each one of them, amazingly, 9 years old.

Not being part of the chess playing fraternity myself, I must admit to a certain degree of confusion.

If anyone can come up with a good explanation for these conflicting claims, you are welcome to give your answer in the comment feed below.