‘Star Wars: Attack Squadrons’ Rumored On The Way

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons is rumored to be on the way.

When Disney bought LucasArts and LucasFilm, fans thought it would ruin everything as Leia would become the latest Disney Princess, Darth Vader would be photoshopped with Mickey Mouse ears, and so on. Then the idea sunk in and we were mostly comfortable with it.

Then Disney closed down LucasArts, and the fans were once again outraged. All of our dreams of Star Wars games on the horizon had been shot out of the sky by a new kind of Death Star.

Electronic Arts turned around and made the Star Wars deal with Disney, and the games were back on, although not the ones we thought. Some older franchises have been continued, and new ones are being worked on.

A recent run of domain purchases has pointed to what may be a new Star Wars game on the horizon. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons may be heading our way from Electronic Arts. LucasFilm has purchased such domains as attacksquadron.org, attacksquadrons.com, starwarsattacksquadrons.com, and starwarssquad.net, leading to the rumor of advertising, new merchandise, and a new game.

Star Wars: Attack Squadrons could very well be a continuation of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, an older Nintendo game series that went the way of the dinosaur. The game could also be a new Android and iPhone title, considering the generic sound of the name. It could even be the new product from Visceral Games. For now, all we have is speculation based on the new domains under Disney.

It may very well be a renaming of one of the games that we thought were canceled when Disney closed down LucasArts. Star Wars 1313 had been in the works alongside Star Wars: Battlefront 3 when the news had been dropped, so Star Wars: Attack Squadrons could just be a reincarnation of one of them.

Disney is known for its secrecy, so the truth may not be known until a possible surprise reveal at D23 next weekend.

What do you think is behind the new domain names under Disney? Could Star Wars: Attack Squadrons be on its way?