Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama Will Meet For ‘Private’ Lunch Monday

So Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are meeting today for a private lunch. Multiple media sources have reported that on Sunday the White House press office announced the lunch.

However, they didn’t give the reason for the meeting. And the lunch will not be open to the press.

Politico said that Hillary Clinton’s lunch with Barack Obama will follow a morning meeting by the President with his senior advisors. But they really offered no further speculation about what the first Obama administration Secretary of State and the President might talk about.

Most media observers including The Hill suspect that the 2016 presidential race must be one of the potential topics under discussion. But Clinton hasn’t yet spoken out on whether or not she will make another bid for the presidency.

After the 65-year-old former First Lady resigned as Secretary of State on February 1, Clinton set out on a speaking tour and is also reportedly writing a new book. Both activities could potentially set the stage for a new presidential campaign.

The Washington Post also reminded us that it wasn’t the first private meeting with the president since her resignation. In the weeks after she exited the highest diplomatic office in the United States, Hillary Clinton along with her husband former President Bill Clinton shared a private dinner with Obama.

In an interesting twist announced this weekend, NBC said that it will be making a miniseries based on Hillary Clinton’s life starring Diane Lane.

The miniseries would have to be scheduled carefully to avoid the appearance of a campaign pitch. But NBC executives have said that they hope to schedule it for long before Clinton’s next presidential run.

So what do you think? Will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama talk 2016 at their private lunch or just swap Joe Biden jokes?

[Hillary Clinton photo credit: Nrbelex via photopin cc]