Zna Gresham, 10-Year-Old Hero, Caught Baby Dropped From Burning Building

Zna Gresham, a 10-year-old girl, has earned the title of hero for her efforts in saving a one-month-old baby dropped from the second floor of a burning apartment building in Decatur, Georgia.

According to a report from the Associated Press, Gresham’s family responded to cries for help from a family living in the upstairs apartment, who were trapped by the fire, which authorities believe started on the first floor.

DeKalb County Fire Battalion Chief Christopher Morrison said there was no other option but to drop the baby along with the family’s two- and three-year-old children.

In comments to WSB Radio, Morrison said the fire “was rising so quickly to the upper floors, they couldn’t make their way outside their upper apartment into the hallway because of the smoke.”

Morrison continued: “They just went to a window and they threw the child outside to the people, to the neighbors, down on the ground.”

While the older children and two adults didn’t fare as well — they sustained non-life threatening injuries in the fall — Zna Gresham was able to step up and catch the one-month-old in what authorities are calling a life-saving grab.

Don’t call the little girl a hero to her face, though. According to Gresham, the credit should be spread throughout her household for saving the family.

“It took all of my family to help get the babies out and help save a family,” Gresham told WSB-TV. “In our family, we take care of our neighbors, no matter what.”

Indeed you do, Ms. Gresham. Here’s a chat with Georgia’s newest hero:

As for other kid heroics, earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported on a pair of Pennsylvania teens, who saved a kidnapped girl from her abductor. Also this month, eight-year-old Joshua Garcia reportedly saved his father’s life after a near-fatal car crash by swimming to safety, walking a mile to his home, and waking his mother to call 911.

Kids today get a lot of criticism and scrutiny, but if they turn out like these three, we’re thinking the future might be a pretty bright place.

What are your thoughts on 10-year-old Zna Gresham and her heroic feat?

[Image via WSB-TV]