Kim Jong Un Celebrates In North Korea With Fake Plastic Weapons, Pre-Recorded Cheers

Kim Jong Un is celebrating North Korea’s military might with plastic weapons and pre-recorded cheers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a Kim Jong Un interview yesterday saw the North Korean dictator “doorstepped” by a reporter.

Kim Jong Un openly attended a parade in North Korea to mark what the North Koreans call “Victory Day in the Fatherland Liberation War.” The odd part about this holiday is that earlier this year Kim Jong Un declared the armistice agreement invalid, claiming North Korea was now at war with South Korea, the United States, and any allies.

Fortunately, the rhetoric of Kim Jong Un did not match his actions since North Korea pulled back its missiles. The bad news is that Kim Jong Un won’t stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons tests. Kim Jong Un even restarted a nuclear power plant in order to create more North Korea missiles.

Kim Jong Un’s huge parade was supposed to showcase North Korea’s military might. But reporters in attendance noticed many of the soldiers were women, they were carrying plastic grenades, the sounds of cheering was pre-recorded and blasted over speakers, and even the military hardware was noticeably antiquated. Speaking of antiquated North Korean weapons, even the North Korean missiles seized in Panama were declared “obsolete” by Cuba.

North Korea and Kim Jong Un have a history of proving their military might with fake weapons and photoshopped photos. The worst was when North Korea showcased their hovercrafts by duplicating their numbers using photoshop. Even some North Korean missiles were completely 3D rendered. Oddly enough, even South Korea copies North Korea’s photoshop fails, so maybe it’s a regional thing.

What do you think of Kim Jong Un celebrating North Korea’s fake weapons as a show of military might?