July 27, 2013
'Scream' TV Pilot Written By 'Criminal Minds' And 'Revenge' Producers

Are you ready to see more of the cloaked killer that made 90s horror slasher films explode? With the wide spectrum of television shows that deal with horror these days, such as Hannibal and American Horror Story, it was about time we made some room for Wes Craven's most popular killer.

MTV, the network who prides themselves on original scripted series such as Teen Wolf, has decided to develop another series, but this one is based on the Scream franchise. Although the process is still slowly developing, it seems as though the network is finally coming around to reaching out for talent to get them started.

It has been revealed that the Scream TV series will be written by Criminal Minds and Revenge producers Dan Dworkin and Jay Beattle, both who will take a stab at writing the show's pilot. If all goes well this could mean another revival of popularity for the cloaked killer, and possibly another Scream sequel.

Scream is an original film that brought back the horror community to the box office, when it came to theaters in 1996. Following its initial success, the franchise continued by releasing Scream 2 in 1997, Scream 3 in 2000, and finally Scream 4, with a brand new cast and a few familiar faces in 2011.

Our only complaint about Scream coming to television, is the genius mind of Kevin Williamson, who wrote the original, is apparently not involved in the development process of the TV show, which is a shame. These days Williamson has The Following for FOX. In addition we don't know whether original director Wes Craven will be involved, or if the network will have multiple directors on board if they order the show for series.

In addition to being producers on Revenge and Criminal Minds, Dworkin and Beattie have written episodes for both of those shows, including other shows like Cold Case, The Event, and Dragnet.

Are you excited for a possible Scream television series?