July 27, 2013
Getaway Driver With No Legs Arrested In New York

A getaway driver has been arrested in New York for assisting two men accused of a robbery that happened on Friday.

Danny "Charles" Marcus, aged 40, was the getaway driver and he has now been charged by the police. Marcus was driving a specially adapted white van, which can be driven by paraplegics or amputees.

The New York Post reported that the getaway driver was waiting for the two men after they robbed a man at gunpoint, stealing his keys, MetroCard and $40. The robbery took place in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

The driver, who the police were shocked to discover was a double-amputee, is able to drive assisted by specially adapted hand controls which eliminate the need for pedals for the gas and brakes.

The white van was pulled over by the police near to Flatbush and Atlantic avenues, New York, and the driver was arrested, along with the two men who carried out the robbery, Raheem Roberts, aged 21 and Daniel Cade, aged 35.

When the police searched the vehicle they found a 9mm gun and a wheelchair in the trunk. The driver was charged with robbery, possession of stolen property, and the illegal carrying of a weapon.

A police source allegedly told the New York Post: "This is one getaway driver we won't need the leg shackles for."

What do you think about this robbery? After all, when you get over the comical fact of a getaway driver with no legs, a man's life was threatened at gun point. Do you think the driver should or will get preferential treatment, due to his disability, when his case comes to court? Share your comments in the feed below.