Jay Z Charity Comments Spark Uproar: ‘My Presence Is Charity. Just Being Who I Am’ [Video]

The always modest and unassuming Jay Z’s charity comments have the internet in a frenzy. Nobody’s ever accused the 43-year-old rapper of being a shy, fading flower, but a recent video interview will leave you convinced that the Magna Carta Holy Grail singer is truly in love with himself.

The controversial comments arrive at about 6.50 minutes into a #FACTSONLY interview with Elliott Wilson. Hit that button, and you can see the whole interview for yourself.

But here’s the short version.

Wilson asked Jay Z to respond to a challenge from Harry Belafonte over Beyoncé and Jay Z’s lack of social activism. Jay Z chose to hear that he was being asked for charity, which led to these rather entertaining comments:

“This is going to sound arrogant. But my presence is charity. Just who I am.

“Just like Obama’s is. Obama provides hope whether he does anything…the hope that he provides for a nation and outside of America is enough.

“You know what I’m saying. Just being who he is…”

Actually, I’m pretty sure that President Obama has a real job.

And I suspect that if all he did was stand around and give hope, that hope would fade pretty fast. But don’t let me rain on your ego parade, Jay Z.

It could be, as some people have suggested, that Jay Z (and fellow self-appointed god among men Kanye West) are just plain trolling us.

If so, it worked. Apparently, everybody online has something to say about Jay Z’s thoughts on social responsibility.

Some Twitter reaction to the Jay Z charity comments

Jay Z says his very "presence is charity." Celebrity in America is so deluded they must be trolling us. http://t.co/or3cVYnf3X

— Adrian Hong (@adrianhong) July 27, 2013

I never liked Jay-Z in the first place, and that comment just solidified my loathe for him. "My presence is charity…" What the hell?

— Retired Hero (@Blaq_Knight) July 27, 2013

What are your thoughts on the Jay Z charity comments brouhaha?