Bees In Texas Attack Couple, Kill Horses

Bees in Texas attacked a couple and killed their horses, among other things.

In Pantego, Texas, a swarm of around 30,000 bees attacked a couple as they were out exercising their miniature horses. The couple survived, but their horses died from the sheer amount of stings.

It is not known whether or not these were killer bees or the infamous Africanized variety, or what prompted them to leave their hive and chase down the North Texas couple.

Kristen Beauregard and her boyfriend had been out giving a small horse and a Shetland pony a little time for leg work Wednesday evening, when her horse Trump started kicking and jumping. Looking back, she realized there was a massive swarm of bees chasing them, and she and her boyfriend escaped temporarily by jumping in a pool. Every time they tried to go up for air, the bees would land on their heads and sting them.

Kristen Beauregard, 44, recalled the bees in Texas and the aftermath to a local newspaper, “They were chasing us down, they were following us. We swept up piles and piles of them … it was like a bad movie … It got all dark, like it was nighttime there were so many bees. We were trying stand up in the water but every time we stuck our heads out for air, they would cover us and start stinging us. We were trying to breathe and they were stinging us in the face and in the nose.”

When they finally escaped, her boyfriend dialed 911, and local firefighters came with a foam and special gear to get rid of the bees. They attempted to move the horses to pasture and treat them, but the six-year-old show horse Chip had died before a veterinarian could arrive, and Trump was sedated and taken to an horse clinic. However, Trump was overwhelmed with the stings and died, the bee attacks too much for his body.

The bees had also killed five hens, but didn’t kill the couple’s dog in the attack. Kristen Beauregard had been stung about 200 times, and her boyfriend 50 times.

What do you think prompted the bees in Texas to attack the couple and their horses?