Solange Knowles Cancels Several Upcoming Tour Dates

Solange Knowles cancelled several of her upcoming European tour dates.

The singer reportedly scrapped all of the concerts she had scheduled for August. In a message on her official website, Knowles explained that she was "devastated" about the decision.

She said in a statement:

I wish I could put in words how much of a difficult decision this was but between moving part time to a new city, starting my son in a new school, and writing/recording my new record. I really had to make the best decision for my mental/physical health and provide some stability for my family.

Although the fate of her European shows has been sealed, it's unclear if her dates in North America have been scrapped as well. Solange Knowles is currently slated to appear in Los Angeles on August 24 and Philadelphia on August 31.

"I am so so sooooo sorry if I've disappointed [fans] and really hope to make it out to those special cities soon enough!" she explained to her fans.

Included among the cancellations were shows in Oslo, Copenhagen, and London. It's unknown if Knowles will reschedule any of these dates in the near future.

The singer recently moved from Los Angeles to Brooklyn. Getting her 8-year-old son settled into the new home reportedly played a very big role in her decision to cancel the tour dates.

Of course, Perez Hilton suggests that there could be other reasons why Solange Knowles decided to drop these shows from her itinerary. While performing at the Pitchfork Music Festival last weekend, the singer allegedly encouraged her fans to spark up a joint.

"I smell a little bit of herb out there. If you have any, now is the perfect time to light it!" she allegedly told the crowd. It's unclear if there is any truth to these rumors.

What do you think about Solange Knowles canceling several of her European tour dates?

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