Sarah Palin Truth-Telling Censored During 2008 Campaign, Mama Grizzly Claims [Video]

Sarah Palin was muzzled during the 2008 presidential election run, the former Alaska governor revealed tonight.

The "brainiacs" in the John McCain 2008 presidential campaign prevented Palin from telling the truth about candidate Barack Obama's background or associations, the former GOP VP candidate on Sen. McCain's ticket said on FNC.

What brought this to the forefront is that Palin is particularly ticked with the White House now claiming that the serious scandals engulfing the Obama administration are phony.

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren (see embed above), Palin says she was banned by the GOP "elitists" running Sen. John McCain's campaign from talking about former terrorist Bill Ayers or radical preacher Jeremiah Wright, or Obama's lack of job experience, or his gaffes on the campaign trail such as saying that "America has 57 states."

The campaign managers were afraid of media backlash if she brought up these or many other issues. The media was cheerleading the Obama campaign and "was just going along to get along with Obama," she said.

The result? The self-censoring by McCain's group and the GOP machine who ultimately lost the election anyway led to the ongoing scandals such as Benghazi, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting (which Obama originally called unacceptable), NSA surveillance, and others that are destroying America, she insisted.

She then held up the "redneck version" of Karl Rove's white board that contained a list of all the Obama scandals. The former governor noted that the "lapodog" news media is still failing to do its job in reporting on the serious corruption and improprieties in Washington. In this environment the president is trying to run out the clock, but nothing good will come of it, Palin declared.

Palin ended the interview on a high note, however, by expressing her faith in the American public. "... the American people full of hope... knowledge... patriotism and good intent -- we are the ones doing the job that the media could, should be doing -- for shame, the media is going to continue what they're doing."

Sarah Palin left office in 2009 but may be considering running for US Senate from Alaska against incumbent Democrat Mark Begich in 2014. She also made headlines recently when she floated the idea of bolting the Republican Party altogether for its failure to live up to its founding principles.

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