Vince Young Ordered To Auction Possessions To Settle Debt

Vince Young has been ordered to auction his possessions in order to settle a $1.7 million debt.

According to, three constables arrived at Young’s home in Houston this morning to take inventory of the ex-football player’s belongings. Young’s jewelry, artwork, and furniture will soon head to the auction block to settle his debt.

Deadspin reports that Young owes about $1.7 million to Pro Player LLC. The company gave Young a loan of $1.9 million at 20% interest during the NFL lockout in 2011. Young defaulted on the loan and still owes the company about $1.7 million.

A judge recently ruled in Pro Player LLc’s favor and ordered Young to sell off his possessions to pay back the money.

The ex-NFL player can keep about $60,000 worth of furniture off the table but the rest of his possessions will go up for sale.

Pro Football Talk reports that Young was the third overall pick in 2006. He signed a $26 million contract with the Tennessee Titans. He played with the Philadelphia Eagles after that and was briefly with the Buffalo Bills. The Bills cut him in training camp and he hasn’t been able to find another job in the NFL.

On the bright side, Young did recently get his college degree.

So now, Young has a mountain of debt, a college degree, and no solid job prospects. Yep, that sure sounds like a recent college graduate.

[Image Via Wikimedia]