Ali Fedotowsky Talks Kevin Manno, ‘Blue Jasmine’ Cameo

Cute as a button Ali Fedotowsky might not be the first name that comes to mind when you’re thinking about angsty director Woody Allen. However, The Bachelorette cutie snagged a cameo in Allen’s new movie Blue Jasmine.

I’ve posted one of her enthusiastic Instagram photos from her appearance Wednesday at the Blue Jasmine premiere down below.

As you can see, the 28-year-old TV personality attended with newish boyfriend Kevin Manno, the 30-year-old host of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.

It hasn’t been any secret that the pair were dating, since Ali Fedotowsky has tweeted about their activities and posted Instagrams of the two of them out together before. However, according to E Online, the Blue Jasmine premiere was the cute couple’s red carpet debut.

E Online’s Marc Malkin asked Fedotowsky how they met and was told that they were first introduced by a producer on the travel show she hosts, 1st Look.

“We just met and we became friends. We’ve been friends for a long time and then one thing led to the next.”


The Los Angeles Times was a little more snarky about Fedotowsky’s appearance at the premiere where she was photographed looking tiny next to Blue Jasmine cast members Andrew Dice Clay, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale, and Peter Sarsgaard. Reporter Amy Kaufman wrote:

“[T]here she was, Ali Fedotowsky — the 28-year-old best known for dating 25 dudes on ABC’s reality television show in 2010 — standing alongside an Oscar-winning actress.”

Well, that’s a little harsh.

Fedotowsky told Malkin that she wasn’t really sure why Woody Allen picked her for the cameo.

However, Allen’s casting director Patricia DiCerto told Kaufman in an email that, “She fit Woody’s vision of the character both physically and personality-wise…I knew he would think she was perfect for the role.”

But DiCerto wouldn’t deny or confirm whether or not Woody Allen had actually ever viewed The Bachelorette: “I can’t speak to Woody’s viewing habits but I suspect his TV is tuned to the Knicks more than reality television!”

Ali Fedotowsky At Blue Jasmine premiere via Instagram

Congrats to Ali Fedotowsky on her cameo and her cute boyfriend.

[Ali Fedotowsky photo by Helga Esteb /]