Taylor Swift Leaves $500 Tip, Concert Tickets For Chef And Autistic Son

The internet may love to prank Taylor Swift but the singer deserves some applause for her generosity.

According to E! News, Swift left a $500 tipand a couple of concert tickets after dining at Ralph’s Italian Restaurant in Pennsylvania last week.

Swift was hanging out with Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone when she was approached by head chef, Shawn Gallo. The chef told Swift that his autistic son was a big fan of hers and that he would love a picture.

Swift kindly obliged but then decided to go one step further and offered Mahone two tickers to her next concert.

Mahone said: “I called my mom to tell her Swift was there, and she wanted me to take a picture because she is a big fan… My son has autism, and while I’m at work my mom and my son love to listen to her music. He loves her music! It was so kind-hearted of her… My son Shawnee is 11. It was my son and I’s first concert we’ve ever been to! It was really special.”

Ralph’s Italian Restaurant posted a photo of Taylor Swift’s visit on Facebook (above).

The restaurant writes: “Taylor Swift after her show, along with opening acts Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone and the late night Ralph’s staff. From her graciousness upon arrival for us staying open, to the extremely generous tip before leaving, she was a pleasure to have dine with us! Probably the biggest celebrity to visit Ralph’s in recent memory!”

Swift also posted a picture from the memorable dinner.

The Red Tour would like to thank you for our VMA(VM-ayy!)nominations @AustinMahone @edsheeran http://t.co/4YG6gNOgmg pic.twitter.com/EQ6JvaaHf0

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) July 20, 2013