Mafia Crackdown: Police Arrest Over 100 Suspects

In a Mafia crackdown, police have arrested over 100 suspects. Italian police in Ostia and Calabria detained 116 people, who are suspected of running the Sicilian and ‘Ndrangheta Mafias.

The separate operations are both part of an attempt to reduce, or eliminate organized crime. Mafia activity that has plagued Italy for centuries.

As reported by CNN, the Mafias are accused of numerous crimes, including extortion, international drug trafficking, insurance fraud, and murder. In the Ostia region, they are also accused of influencing gambling and other businesses along the beach area.

Police report that the arrests will be a “mortal blow” to Mafia operations in Rome. Included in the arrests are suspected Mafia bosses Carmine Fasciani and Vincenzo Triassi, Senator Piero Aiello, and former provincial councillor for the PdL, Gianpaolo Bevilacqua.

The Mafia crackdown included the arrest of politicians, attorneys, doctors, businessmen, and prison officials.

Police say that the arrests focused on relations between Mafia leaders, local politicians, and business executives.

The crackdown included an army of 500 police officers, canine units, helicopters, and coastal patrols. The bust is the largest ever, and is expected to neutralize the Fasciani, Triassi and D’Agati clans.

As reported by BBC, the three clans are suspected of running organized crime in and around Rome for years.

Police expect that the arrests will disable the clans, as they have specifically targeted Mafia leadership. Rodolfo Ruperti, police chief of Catanzaro, states that they “are particularly satisfied with the investigation.”

The ‘Ndeanfheta is considered to be Italy’s most powerful and dangerous Mafia. They have reportedly taken over the Cosa Nostra, which increased their power and numbers.

They are suspected of operating throughout Europe, and have been associated with the Colombian drug cartel.

Italian police organized the Mafia crackdown in an attempt to reduce organized crime. The Mafia is suspected of making billions of dollars dealing in drugs and weapons.

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