Famke Janssen Had Trouble Keeping Wolverine Role A Secret

Famke Janssen admitted that she had a bit of trouble keeping her role in director James Mangold’s The Wolverine a secret.

The actress reprises her role as Jean Grey in the summer’s last superhero epic. Although trailers and posters eventually let the world know that Janssen was part of the cast, the studio didn’t want this information floating around when the project was first announced.

The Taken star recently sat down with MTV News to discuss her part in The Wolverine. Janssen said the studio asked her if she thought they could keep her involvement under wraps.

“Of course they have an entire crew knowing about it and nobody’s supposed to leak it, and you hope that it doesn’t happen. And they still have to fly you to Sydney and, you know, be on a plane with people and then land there. So it’s a lot of hurdles to go through, but we went through all of them,” she explained during her interview.

During a press conference in New York City earlier this week, Famke Janssen explained how her character ties into The Wolverine storyline. Judging from her comments, the title character is still having some issues with the way X-Men: Last Stand wrapped up.

The actress explained:

Of course, [the film] ended on a very high emotional note, but the audience didn’t have the time to really process what happened, which was the Wolverine kills the Phoenix or Jean Grey. And that’s of course something that people were left with. And the fact that both Jim and Hugh took on this part — even though (Jean’s is) a very small through line in the film, it is such an important part of the series in what happens with the journey that Logan goes through after that. I mean, the guilt he has to live with, the reconciliation, he has to deal with his past, and the fact that somehow this Jean Grey character then comes in, either in trying to guide him or challenge him, find a way to help him find a way through his past.

Fans can catch Famke Janssen and Hugh Jackman together again on the big screen this weekend. James Mangold’s The Wolverine is in theaters right now.

[Image via 20th Century Fox]