12-Year-Old Girl Writes $3,440 In Bad Checks For Candy

A 12-year-old girl in France was detained by police after she wrote $3,440 in bad checks to local candy stores and baked goods retailers.

When all was said and done, the unidentified girl wrote 23 checks to sweet shops in the French city of Bordeaux.

The young girl stole the checkbook from her neighbor in March. The candy loving thief then used the neighbor’s checks to purchase candy over a period of several months.

The checks were used to purchase candies and pastries from local candy stores and bakeries.

Police only released the candy lover to her parents after they agreed to repay all of the money stolen from local bakeries.

While the pre-teen should know better when it comes to writing bad checks, we have to question why bakeries and candy stores in France are allowing 12-year-old girls to write checks for candy.

This is yet another case of a child thinking they can do what they want with money. Recently, we have reported on many cases of kids running up big bills. There was the young girl who bought a car on eBay and numerous stories about kids racking up thousands of dollars on their parents iPad and iPhone based devices.

The young girl wasn’t just a thief; she really did have a sweet tooth. Police were not able to recover any evidence from her shopping spree. Not even a single wrapper was recovered, which is amazing considering the girl bought $3,440 worth of candy with the stolen bounced checks.

Do you think children need to be held more highly accountable for their actions these days?