Who Has The $1 Million Powerball Numbers? Only One Month Left To Claim

A Lucky lottery player from somewhere in Westchester County, New York. is currently sitting on the winning Powerball numbers for a ticket worth $1 million!

The person who bought the Powerball ticket has until 25th August, just one month from today, to claim the prize that will make them a member of the millionaires club. The Powerball rules stipulate that if a winning ticket is unclaimed within one year, the ticket is considered null and void.

If you bought a ticket and think you might have the winning Powerball numbers you should pay attention to the following information:

  • The unclaimed ticket was purchased at Playland Market, 488 Forest Avenue in Rye, Westchester County.
  • The Winning Powerball numbers for the 25th August 2012 draw are: 1-6-7-20-49-Powerball 23.
  • The $1 million prize can be claimed no later than 25th August 2013.
The officials at Powerball are keen to ensure that the claimant comes forward for their prize money; if they don't the funds will be returned to the prize pool for future Powerball winners. Gardner Gurney, who is Acting Director at the lottery, encouraged whoever is sitting on the winning ticket to come and claim their winnings:

"We are urging players to check their tickets because someone has a $1 million winning Powerball ticket that will expire on August 25. We're hopeful the lucky winner has already signed the ticket and is making plans to claim it before it's too late."

Another $1 million Powerball winner from Maryland, who won in the July 3rd draw there, also forgot to check the numbers on her ticket due to the July 4th weekend festivities. It took a good couple of weeks until the lucky winner bothered to check her winning ticket.

The Maryland Woman in the following video clip, posted today, seems pretty happy that she had the winning Powerball numbers. What do you think? Comments in the feed below.