Breaking Bad Stars Arrive To Premiere In An RV

It’s true that all good things must come to an end, and that’s exactly what the stars of AMC’s Breaking Bad were celebrating last night at the Breaking Bad after party. Although it could have been a somber night, stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul made sure that they got things kicked off in a lively way.

The two stars arrived in their characters old RV, which was the first location they used to cook meth out of when the series began five years ago.

In addition the season premiere party was full of fun gags. The after party was filled with props from the set, including a cake featuring creator Vince Gilligan’s severed head on a tortoise, which is a call back from the earlier years. As for goodies, blue meth candy was served for guests that arrived to party with the real Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Prior to Breaking Bad’s party, the cast had some fun for the very last time at San Diego’s Comic Con. Star Bryan Cranston got in on some Cosplay by walking around in a Walter White mask. Later during the panel both Cranston, and Aaron Paul got some lip action with the prosthetic head, to a hollering and hooting crowd of Breaking Bad enthusiasts. Weeks ago the show’s break out star, Aaron Paul, spoke about the wild ride that Breaking Bad fans are in store for with the remaining eight episodes of the series.

Breaking Bad

Paul revealed to Coming Soon:

“You guys are going to s*** your pants. Before I read the final eight episodes — the final eight hours of the show — I was thinking to myself that this was so tragic. I can’t believe this show is ending. I didn’t want it to end but, after knowing how the final eight hours play out, I couldn’t be happier with the ending.”

Even though the show is ending it seems like Breaking Bad will still be celebrated after it ends its series run on AMC. The Museum of The Moving Image in Queens currently has a Breaking Bad exhibition running through to the end of October.

Are you excited to watch the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad?