Popeyes Unveils Chicken Waffle Tenders, Twitter Goes Insane [Video]

Popeyes recently unveiled their new Chicken Waffle Tenders, an upcoming foodstuff that immediately captured the imagination of social media.

Chicken and waffles have appeared on menus since the early 30s. The combination was reportedly popular with jazz musicians who wanted to grab a bite to eat after finishing a late gig.

However, Popeyes has put a brand new spin on the popular combo. Instead of forcing you to decide which to eat first, the restaurant has taken the guess work out of the process. The fast food chain dips the boneless white meat chicken in waffle batter and pops it in a deep frier.

If you’re curious to see what the Chicken Waffle Tenders taste like, then you’ll be able to put the menu item to the test in just a matter of days. Popeyes will begin offering the batter-dipped chicken on July 29. Unfortunately, it will only be offered to customers for a limited time.

Popeyes’ chief global brand officer Dick Lynch said jazz musicians during the 30s and 40s often finished so later that they would roll into diners just before breakfast was being served. To satiate their appetites, cooks would offer them leftover fried chicken and waffles.

“Chicken and waffles is an incredibly trendy, popular and kind of unexpected [product] right now. We’re looking to real culinary trends, no matter where they came from. The odder the better, frankly,” Lynch explained.

Not surprisingly, Popeyes’ Chicken Waffle Tenders have become pretty popular with hungry folks on Twitter. If you’re not too concerned about the sort of things you stuff into your body, then the restaurant’s upcoming offering probably sounds incredibly tasty.

A handful of reactions to the announcement are included below.

Here’s the commercial for those who need a little visual stimulation.

Are you planning a trip to Popeyes on July 29 to score some Chicken Waffle Tenders?