The Royal Baby You Don’t Know About

Do you know about the royal baby? Not the one who’s arrived already but another one from another grandchild of Queen Elizabeth though not nearly as famous as Prince William.

In the mass media boom – especially through numerous articles here on the Inquisitr – on Prince William and Kate Middelton’s son George Alexander Louis, news about the unborn child of Zara Phillips has gone unnoticed.

Who is Zara Phillips?

She is the second and youngest daughter of Princess Anne, Prince Charles’s younger sister. She is also the first cousin of Prince William and Prince Henry but had a different upbringing. Her mother married equestrian Marc Phillip (whom she divorced when Zara was ten years old) and decided not to give her children royal titles reportedly so they can live normal lives.

Today, Anne, now 62, makes it evidently clear she is far removed from the royal family when she spoke about the royal baby:

“Nothing to do with me but very great news.”

Zara is now an equestrian just like her parents and her rugby-playing husband Mike Tindall. She even won the silver medal int he 2012 Olympic Games in London, where it was reported Prince William and Kate Middleton and a few of her cousins supported her.

Even though Phillips is not associated with the palace, the palace took it upon itself to officially announce the news of her baby. This, however, caused a stir because the British media reported Phillips taking a fall two days earlier during an equestrian event while still having plans to participate in the near-term. However one of her spokespersons announced the Phillips’s have done so well this season she does not need to actually compete anymore.

Zara Phillips’s baby is due next year. By then, Phillips may be back competing in equestrian events while her baby may entertain a certain famous older relative up in Buckingham Palace alongside George Alexander Louis.

Were you surprised to hear there’s another royal baby on the way?