Woman Explodes At Apple Store Genius Bar Because She Doesn’t Have An Appointment [Video]

A video of a woman exploding at an Apple Genius Bar last month because she didn’t have a reservation has gone viral.

An Apple employee can be seen delivering the bad news to the woman, who then explodes at the Grove Apple store shop in Los Angeles. The woman in the video remains unidentified, but she can clearly be seen pushing a stroller as she screams at the employee and asks for some parts for her phone.

The woman is told that she’d have to make an appointment or wait, but when this news is presented to her she screeches, “I was told by Apple care that I could walk in the store and get the parts,” whilst she bangs onto her stroller with her hand for added impact.

Customers and staff looked bemused by her temper tantrum, and the entire store start to look over to her in shock.

Actress Porscha Coleman witnessed the entire incident and created a vine out of her footage before it was then shared by those who watched it on various social networking sites.

Coeman captioned the video, “This lady is goin OFF in the Apple Store! LOL u don’t have an appointment, lady!”

Various users took to YouTube to comment on the matter, with mysticrottie writing, “She has a baby, she probably is sleep deprived and has a finite window for getting things done before [the] kid wakes. She gets a pass.”

Whilst another user commented, “If that didn’t wake her kid, nothing will.” However, libertymaniac was more scathing, stating, “She does not get a pass on this incredibly rude behavior. She should not be breeding with this lack of manners and normal behavior. I’ve raised 3 children, lost lots of sleep, and have never made a scene like that, lashing out at people that are not responsible for her problem.”

[Image via Maebmij/Wikimedia]