Ryan Gosling Invited On Tour With Gaslight Anthem

Ryan Gosling has been invited on tour by The Gaslight Anthem, as they are impressed by his talents as both a musician and actor.

Brian Fallon, the band’s frontman, uploaded a picture to his Instagram page of the Drive star playing guitar in his band, Dead Man’s Bones, before adding the caption, “Hey Girl… Dead Man’s Bones is actually really good. You come tour with us and not make Only God Forgives 2.”

The Gaslight Anthem have concerts in New York City over the weekend, where they will play Pier 26 on Friday and Sunday, before they then embark on a number of European festival dates.

This comes after they released their fourth album, Handwritten, last year, and they’re already working on their fifth, which will be inspired by Pearl Jam.

Fallon told Rolling Stone, “I want to do the No Code record [Pearl Jam’s fourth album], that one. They did these three rock records, and [then] they all of a sudden went left turn. And everybody went, ‘What the hell?’ Then later, five years, they went, ‘This is amazing.'”

Fallon then added: “We’re searching for something new to do with songwriting, rather than just piecing together verses and choruses in more of a traditional sense. We’re looking for some other thing – not some other genre, but something else. And it might not be the favourite of everyone, but [it] might be the ‘weird’ album coming up. I’m pretty sure it is.”

Gosling can currently be seen in Only God Forgives, which sees him play a fugitive who looks to avenge his brother’s death in Thailand. It also saw him team up with the filmmaker, Nicholas Winding Refn, again after the pair had achieved success with 2011’s Drive.

Would you like to see Gosling team up with The Gaslight Anthem?

[Image credit – top image by Niki Cruz / Editing by – Michael House of Four Walls Productions]